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MarioLuigi Bros
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And so? What are you trying to say? They are already dead. Piracy can't kill them again.

Beautiful art but confused message.

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Sorry, but this was supposed to be a poster for an art exhibit against music piracy. It ain't nothing to do with print.

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They are trying to say that piracy killed them, which is very naive.

update: 10 stars for the exhibit, which is indeed great. So these posters are actually shots from the exhibit, I assume.

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They are stuck in the past, does anyone even use CDs these days? We know what killed these guys and it aint piracy.

because therefore it is

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Don't like the idea, but love the photo/illustration!

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Love the use of the CD's...

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Ron Burgundy
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this is cool,nice to see some modern art

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I love the art direction on all of these. Don't agree with the message though.

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Anonymous Author
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The stunning art should be used for a worthy idea.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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n'importe quoi pfffff

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I like the idea with CD, but yeah, drugs killed him not piracy, I think Jummy didn't give a f about piracy.


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Very nice art, good idea.

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the idea is simple but the result is so greaaattttttt! love the art!