Million Dollar Baby

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March 2008

Million Dollar Baby was translated as Destiny Blows (Golpes del Destino)
Minority Report was translated as After Judgement (Sentencia Previa)
The Green Mile was translated as Miracles Unexpectedly (Milagros Inesperados)

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Bolivia for First Class Institute, within the category: Education.

Translated, is not the same. Learn English today.

Advertising Agency: Nexus BBDO Bolivia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Oscar H. Castañeda
Art Director: Jorge Ortiz Molina

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jorge00's picture
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indeed crump

ricklongo's picture
Activity Score 1244

The literal translation of the Bolivian title in this case is something close to "Destiny Strikes". Pretty damn ridiculous, if you ask me. It's the kind of generic movie title translation you often get in Spanish and Portuguese.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
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I like "Destiny Strikes" better because "Destiny Blows" just sounds like a very cheap porn film, along the lines of "Monster Balls" and "Shaving Ryan's Privates."

cullers's picture
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I would like to hear your titles for very expensive porn films.

capywriter's picture
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that's what they call 'adaptation', not 'translation'... If you would translate the original english titles word by word I bet you'd get very awkward titles in the other language. So I don't see any problem for looking for the most appropriate title in another language. Of course I prefer that they wouldn't adapt it at all, as they never do in Dutch, but always in French, Portuguese, Spanish...

fauxjebus's picture
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First level. But hey, it's from Bolivia. Give them a break. They're still working on getting a government together.

TonySoprano's picture
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What is your comment JEBUS?. Are we talking about politics or advertising?. As I understand it, talk about translations, not adaptations. Great job guys.

Marcela Cáceres's picture
Marcela Cáceres
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I like it because I relate to it. I feel bad for people who don't know english and often the subtitles of the movies are so bad, or there isn't really a good way of translating something (jokes, for example) that they don't get a lot of parts. (Happened often while watching Friends with my mother, I was laughing so hard and she had no idea what happened)