Seeing Stars

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May 2012

To encourage American readers to take more of a global perspective, DDB UK have created a topical press advertisement for the Financial Times featuring Barack Obama. Using the stars from the EU flag the execution shows the possible effect of a hard-hitting Eurozone crisis with a touch of wit and humour.

Print advertisment created by DDB, United Kingdom for Financial Times, within the category: Media.

The Eurozone crisis. How hard will it hit America?
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Advertising Agency: DDB, UK
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Creative Directors: Matt Lee, Pete Heyes
Art Directors: Aaron McGurk, Chris Lapham
Copywriters: Chris Lapham, Aaron McGurk
Design: Aaron McGurk
Account Team: Charlie Elliot, Flemming Lerche

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peace all over the world

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college work


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nothing great :(

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agree with chcago


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Probably as others have suggested a bit obvious. But think will have stopping power in newspapers where it will run. I think the eye flow of messaging is terrible though as you get the key image then have to work all the way back to top right for the story/ selling message......

Gary Bembridge: Marketing & Travel Blogger, Podcaster and Consultant

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not bad, but not great at all.

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God, the rubbish people write on here!

I bet none of you have ever produced or even know what a great ad is! This is classic DDB - simple, witty and has great standout.
A very good job, very well done.

@bembridge - you talk about eye flow of messaging, yet your website is one of the worst designed i've seen. The layout of it is abysmal!?!

Please think before you write and then sign off with your URL...

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if you try to come up with something would be better idea.. it work for me though

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peace all over the world

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student work