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because I respect the agency that submitted this ad, I read it 3 times. but sorry, don't really get what's worth showing here... all those features made my summer vacation possible? I dunno, guessing isn't the most desirable action to come from an ad...

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he lived in his car all summer? what a loser.

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hahaha, agree.

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With all those cooooooool features, his car IS his summer vacation.

Either that or he spent his summer vacation budget on a car.

Fail Harder.

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Lazy copywriters. You should BOTH be ashamed.

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Who is going to read the text??

Shouldn't advertising be about effectiveness or did i get something wrong?

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You're not very old are you.

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andrej dwin
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is it trying to tell me "don't go for vacation, spend the money on the car?"
or is it trying to tell me anything at all?
stupid. what is it doing on this page anyway?
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

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