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He seems to need two Ducato's to carry all these stuff he is carrying with his current van. This one looks terribly big with that mirror there..

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good idea (nothing new) but not well execution. Agree with satrianee on how big this van already looks. The resource of the exageration is not bad, but the mirror is too high from the driver. I cant imagine the Ducato's being bigger than this van.

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y el tipo se para para ver por el retrovisor_????

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Simple, direct to the point. Great!

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I don't get it. Honestly.

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Layman's terms: "Your van is no longer big enough to store all of your crap so why don't you buy a bigger one."

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Decent idea, very bad art direction. What kind of van has a 10 foot roof?

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when you hve to exaggerate, go the whole hog... great work fellas

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I like the idea, but considering a fiat ducato doesn't have the same space as the image shown above... How then changing to a smaller car will help?

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who needs copy?!

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i pity on driver, lol

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Whats the point of the mirror so high? LOL!!!

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Decent idea

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