Work Your Curves, 3

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September 2007

Print advertisment created by Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand for Fayreform, within the category: Fashion.

Bet you didn't notice the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Work Your Curves

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Mike O'Sullivan
Creative Group Heads: Rob Beamish, Hilary Badger
Photographer: Craig Owen

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considering they took the time to photoshop her belly, they could have done some work on lifting the breasts juuuust a little.

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andrej dwin
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no I didn't.
just like I didn't notice a good idea there.
was that the point?
(hope they at least enjoyed the shoot)
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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The idea is exactly that. You can't help but concentrate on the gal.

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Paolo keppella
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Bet they didnt nitice it's a bad idea....

Think outside the X_BOX

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I think it's quite an ok idea...

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Done 100 times.

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Well I havn't seen this idea before. Could you please show us? Anyway, I like it. Think it's funny and it shows the benefit of the product.

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fiat used this like 4 years ago, that campaign was made in brazil, i can't remember the agency i think was made by almap bbdo

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Oh i did see the Tyrannosaurus Rex first!! Awesome! But then again maybe it's because i like Asian woman better.

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i agree the idea is not bad at all, i quite like it.
Shows the product very well and has a little twist to it. In a way youre attracting both males & females. Good thinking.

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Nothing wrong with putting the focus on what they sell the best - "LINGERIES"

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It's lingerie, it's showing the benefit, it's good copy, it has a humorous spin to it, it works. Very nice.

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it's ok. but has more to do with the lighting than the product. put a fat, hairy dude in there and you'll look at him first too.

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'Look, a green one.' Volkswagon TV and print. Won tons of awards. Find it yourself.

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Y en verdad ni bola al pobre armadillo

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Looking for the T-Rex is a great excuse for scanning the ad, up real close!
Lovely wit. Great stuff.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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honestly. i did notice the T-rex. even before i maximized the pic. Thats the reason i maximized the pic. was wondering what that little thing was..terrible ad.

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why she wear shoes?

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Because high heels are hot.

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considering they took the time to photoshop her belly, they could have done some work on lifting the breasts juuuust a little.

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As someone's already pointed out, these are the poor cousin to VW stuff.
And conceptually they don't work nearly as well. The T-rex is partly hidden, which is why you might miss it. Whereas the VW ads had the balls to try and hide their product and distract you with stunning images, yet it still stood out. So much better than these...

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I agree, give me a hot African-American chick and I'll forget all about that t-rex.

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No I didn't. And I didn't notice the bear moonwalking backwards through the shot either. Ohhh sorry, wrong ad.

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