Fatal Mistake, 2

February 2007

Save Mussolini from becoming a popular italian dish.
This exam season give your child Dabur Shankha Pushpi Memory Enhancer

Advertising Agency: MudraDDB, Delhi, India
Creative Directors: Kapil Dhawan, Arnab Chatterjee, Ryan Menezes
Art directors: Zaid Mohammad, Arnab Chatterjee
Copywriter: Shikhar Mohan
Photographer: Ashish Chawla

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chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
Activity Score 1516 it 4 some reason

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

Killer Kowalski's picture
Killer Kowalski
Activity Score 394

I think the guys from DDB need a memory enhancer themselfs: Ads of the World is an advertising archive and forum discussing GREAT work worldwide! So what on earth made you sent in this stuff?!

mikelite's picture
Activity Score 1031

ouch. you've obviously never seen some of the shit Ivan finds. it's mostly crap.

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
Activity Score 937

I hate it 4 some reason

msred's picture
Activity Score 491

mmmmm im not sure about the art direction....

A. J. SMITH's picture
Activity Score 2822

I like it for some reason too.

It is almost annoying, but something aboutthe naivety of it is engaging.


Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
Activity Score 3890

It's one of those ads that as soon as you get it it's no longer interesting.

It did make me smile. But only for a second, I immediately went back to frowning and being serious.

Doin' it for the points

msred's picture
Activity Score 491

lol, you should try to lighten up ;)

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
Activity Score 3890


To get my frown just right I have a bag of honey flavoured wasps to chew on.

I got them from Slim.

Doin' it for the points

msred's picture
Activity Score 491


slim's picture
Activity Score 1047

Mate you really need to get a life.

You tried arguing: that failed.
You tried toilet humour: that failed.
Now you're trying to be quirky. Not having much luck there either.

As I suggested earlier, stick to drawing your little pictures and let the big kids talk advertising.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
Activity Score 3890

Hey Slim-Jim (I'm calling you that now, Slim-Jim. You like?)

If you're a writer, and writers are so much better than us 'visuals guys', then go be a Writer. Like a real writer with books and novellas with soft core covers and mystery and intrigue throughout.

Ads are just that, ads. Get over yourself and go back to your cubicle.

This would have been over sooner but looks like someones aunt flow came early.

Slim likes it when he gets poop on his hands.

How's that for toilet humour you old git ye.

Doin' it for the points

awardwinnningad's picture
Activity Score 20

Hey Guy in bushes,

Listen, I respect what you're trying to do, aspiring to be a huge cunt and all. And let's face it, though we may hate them, being a big cunt takes a bit of creativity. If you'd like to be a big cunt you can't just throw things out about random family members and various forms of faeces. You've got to really think about it, analyze it, find weak spots. But I don't think you could possibly do that because you're a shortsighted Mongoloid with an anus for a mouth. And that's fine, because if we didn't have people like you we'd have nothing to judge brilliance by...would we? If we didn't have people like you to design phone book ads and all the other crap in advertising that blows, we'd have nothing to refer to when saying something is better than another.

But what I suggest you do if you'd like to keep arguing for childish reasons is go into debate, become a politician or something. We all know that debate is the higher form of argument. Debate contains Intriguing facts, information and logic. But you probably couldn't do that, you know, because of that whole Mongoloid thing.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
Activity Score 3890

So you're a writer then?

I've read your stuff, it's good. You used the word 'cunt' so we all know you're credible, and you analysed at length the magnitude of my said 'anus mouth'. Bravo.

You write ads right?

Doin' it for the points

A. J. SMITH's picture
Activity Score 2822

'awardwinningad' please explain the origins of the term Mongoloid to me?

Or if anyone else knows?

I am at a loss.

TimC's picture
Activity Score 6

threads like this make Ads of the World such an interesting place to visit.

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

The "save Mussolini" is weird - my first thought was "Why would anyone want to save a dead dictator?" The idea is interesting, but the copy needs work.

mariayya's picture
Activity Score 150

like it like it though agree on the "save mussolini" issue