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June 2011


Print advertisement created by DDB, France for Fagor, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Sputnik, the microwave that doesn't look like a microwave.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé
Copywriter: Olivier Lefebvre
Art Director: Benjamin Marchal
Art buyers: Sophie Megrous, Quentin Moenne Loccoz
Account supervisors: Jean-Luc Bravi, Jean Paul Heraud, Cécile Cabon
Advertiser's supervisors: Mauricio Del Puerto, Monia Fekih
Photographer: Koerner Union
Retouching: B'pong
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Great campaign.

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bhuvneshwar.chd's picture

i like the idea.

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Reality Check's picture

Unusual and imaginative campaign.

Reality Check
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jackmancer2017's picture

It's alright - not a huge idea but it works. Although... I rather have a normal microwave standing in my kitchen than this purple orb.

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good i need it

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"It works" is not enough to get posted here. Do we come to see daily or brilliant?

michael saucez
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How does it benefit me if it doesn't look like a microwave or a radar or a rocket launcher or a baseball bat!!!?

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CuriousPencil's picture

Bit of reverse thinking here, and then some profanity:

1) The product was likely made because people don't like looking at microwaves, somehow.
2) So it turns the product into a house-wrecking alien ship based on a soviet satellite from 1957 that scared the shit out of America
3) And sells it on the premise that it doesn't look like what it does.
4) In iMac colours and a design almost as outdated as the microwave itself.

Questions to the agency:
1) why?
2) does it work?
3) do you realise most kitchens aren't modelled around Woody Allen films and most people have come to terms with corners in their kitchens?


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john ler's picture

1) Do you realise most microwaves aren't designed by the agency but by the brand itself ?

john ler
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CuriousPencil's picture

∞) Yes, I had a suspicion that ad agencies aren't generally product design specialists, though I know a few that fly both flags. The name of the product though, that can be influenced post-production. But the launch of the product, even with an inherited design and/or name, is generally down to the agency's direction. So while I accept your point about my laughing at the design, I still stand by the concerns raised over the direction of the approach.

Thanks though, for making me realise why the agency likely advised against any kitchen shots. Otherwise we'd have the tagline ".... putting the H in 'in-situ' ".

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Ron Burgundy's picture

Nice shot at an unusual product, can't help but think of terms like iNuke.... the alien juxt seems to be a theme for a "advanced" product lately

Ron Burgundy
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MidasTouch's picture

They could have done it more "alien"
I don't know if you get what I mean.. I imagine a photograph showing the object in a point of view that makes it really look like an OVNI.
I don't know.
The idea's not bad.

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//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

Glut's picture

nice, different for the product.

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This ad in particular reminds me of the scene from Willy Wonka when Mike TV is miniaturized.

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Awesome design!

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What Gerry said, both times, well played mate.

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well. I agree that the product benefit here is rather weak, but still I know some people who would get that thing for its design actually. People differ in tastes and I'm sure Brandt made some research prior to concieving the idea of such a design that validates bringing it to the market. It may ba a niche, but still I'm sure they will sell it with a better margin than standard ovens.
If you happen to have a spacious kitchen you can put a sputnik there as well, and I'm sure it gives much more character to the place than any standard-looking microwave.

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CuriousPencil's picture

People who bring quirky accessories into their kitchen already have a kitchen with character though. This is the equivalent of replacing a musty pair of shoes for a sparkling pair of slippers and having to say "Ooh I need a new dress to go with these" - people tend not to design their kitchen around their microwave. In other words, a good student product; unfortunately the company is taking itself very seriously indeed, if this glorious 3D rendering of their self-importance is anything to go by:

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cupcake anyone?

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