Bulletproof your SUV, Uzi

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May 2016

Print advertisment created by DDB, India for EVO, within the category: Automotive.

Bulletproof your SUV

Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra, Bangalore, India
Executive Creative Director: Joono Simon
Art Director: Vinci Raj
Copywriter: Akhilesh Bagri
Illustrator: Sajith kumar

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Highest Rated

n_xtlf's picture
Activity Score 17

simple and clean idea

dumpinground's picture
Activity Score 22

nice... i like it.... simple yet hard.... but suddenly this thought comes to my mind that a bullet proof suv will not stop the trigger from its action ... its job is to keep the bullets away after ther shot out... but i guess it still works... m thinkin to literal i guess....

n_xtlf's picture
Activity Score 17

simple and clean idea

cracking's picture
Activity Score 23

simple. superb. All the best for the awards! :)

harakrishnamaya's picture
Activity Score 17

Bulls eye!.. direct and simple

K D Divya's picture
K D Divya
Activity Score 3

Dam nice !!

All the best for the awards !!

shiehmichelle's picture
Activity Score 7

bang on!

libra-shalom's picture
Activity Score 10


maachupiichu's picture
Activity Score 3

Love it. just love it.Cannes material i think.

pradeep01's picture
Activity Score 26

Lovely idea and very nicely executed !!!

bats's picture
Activity Score 75

super! love it.

Dadaism's picture
Activity Score 161

stop the spam guys! Why do we need 3 of the same ad? same concept same execution?

vyshnav's picture
Activity Score 32

@ Dadaism: Please do take a closer look at the car behind the trigger, you'll notice the difference. Moreover, the art is quite fresh - three of the same doesn't hurt at all! Cheers

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
Activity Score 2539

I noticed that a lot of the praiseworthy comments that quickly appeared on these pages for this campaign are from India.

And the advertising agency is DDB Mudra, which is in Bangalore, India.


ivan's picture

That's true and more suspicious that the users are fresh with just a few points. But since it's transparent, it's not a problem I think.

atb2005's picture
Activity Score 13557

Yes, it is a big problem Ivan and you need to reign it in.

makelogobigger's picture
Activity Score 470

Ivan, ive been accessing this site for ages... but im that one of those types who actually didnt bother to type in a reply or even sign up for some awkward reasons. so when someone actually bothers to sign up for good, it shudnt be taken as an attempt to rig this whole exercise of rating. well, shudnt you be glad by the fact that, more people are accessing and participating in the website? and at the end, a good work needs to be commented upon as in to encourage it as the same way people give their honest opinions to discourage mediocre and wanna be work. i feel sir, this is a good piece of advertising. and i think i would hav wanted to do work akin to this. i dont think this is bad advtg. its good, better and best of the lot. thats all i can say.

Matt Tonkin's picture
Matt Tonkin
Activity Score 168

Yah, and a lot of the same people commented on all three pieces. These ads suck for anyone to say "award worthy" they must be connected to them somehow. Unless I'm missing something obviously huge these are what should be come up with when people start into school.

whatthefudge's picture
Activity Score 1266

Nah. As dumpinground said (before all of Mudra's employees started their cheering): being bullet proof and being unable to fire is two different things.

ivan's picture

I think that's not a problem. The point is you won't get shoot. I like both the idea and the art.

akashanandh's picture
Activity Score 49

simple idea. simpler execution. fantastic.

Molecule's picture
Activity Score 435

ok idea but not award worthy. The SUV looks small and insignificant in comparison to the gun.

Draper's picture
Activity Score 183

Very Good!

Dzsoi's picture
Activity Score 8532

The idea has been done for different products: anti aging cream - clock, vapo rub cream - window etc.
where the product physically stops (with its mere presence) something bad (time passing by / heavy breathing etc.) to happen.

comAd's picture
Activity Score 162

Right on target. Fantastic.

Alan Zed's picture
Alan Zed
Activity Score 58

I'm french and not Indian and i really think this campain is just perfect. Like Dzsoi said, it's not an original idea but the advertisment is not original since many years. These ads are wondefully executed and as a fan of Giger work i have to applause it !

Mulyanto's picture
Activity Score 46

Good proximity and simplicity idea

Guest's picture

i think only shape of the car could have been better

whale's picture
Activity Score 8

kickass stuff

rohit_bharati's picture
Activity Score 75

mite not very understandable n clear.

antiad777's picture
Activity Score 16

Simply superb!