Gods of Sports

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November 2009

ESPN Classic is the only channel dedicated entirely to the greatest moments and legends of sports, the campaign "Gods of sports" was created to easily convey the human truth that for some people athletes become Gods.

Where men become Gods.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School
Art Director: Diego Rionda

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should refrain

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People shouldn't be allowed to do stuff like this. Besides encroaching on the sensitivity of religion, the idea sucks. And it's done really badly.

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Even Madonna mocked Jesus tho. She hang herself on a cross and now she's dating some kid called Jesus too.

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This is horrendous.

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Btw. God is Jesus' daddy. Not so nice ad.

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never was and never will be a dad for god, your statement doesnt make a bit of sense!

| everartz |

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God is not for advertising... students...

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Bold, remarkable idea.

I don't want to offend anyone but, if God can be a father to a son, he can be pretty merciful to the rest of the boys. He would enjoy this one too.

Nothing bad is said here... Why react with the first coming thought? (It can never be any creative)

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bad idea with poor illustration (or HDR with pasted on character).

Salamandos, don't be an ignorant and brag about it - in Christianity, God is one and three at the same time: the father, the son and the holy spirit.

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its bad, keep on studying kids.

bad PS, failed concept (dad/son?), uncreative idea, risky subject you should usually try to avoid.

so overall... fail

Quite really.

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Bad Art... the idea it's too obvious... if you gonna use religion you've gotta do it right... Don't like it's picture
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This image will be remembered by all of us, we even took the time to write about it...... isn't it what advertising is all about, Its not about huuu it hurts my feelings or I like it or I don't , its about making impact's picture
Activity Score 134

This image will be remembered by all of us, we even took the time to write about it...... isn't it what advertising is all about, Its not about huuu it hurts my feelings or I like it or I don't , its about making impact

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Honest Dave
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If I walked into your workplace, dropped my pants and took a dump on your desk while you were sitting there I don't think you'd ever forget that. But that doesn't make it a good ad.

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Oh just gave me a great idea for an ad! God bless you.

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simplesmente horrível. puro mau gosto!

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Looks so so so student work. Far far away from clients aprobation.
Remindsme my student years.

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El pensamiento no es malo, sin embargo es algo que ya se ha hecho por varias marcas deportivas y se ha llevado a niveles ejecucionales muy grandes como la iglesia del fútbol en Argentina que hizo Nike. Estás diciendo algo muy cierto, los deportistas de cierta manera se convierten en dioses, el deporte es para muchos, una religión. Lo que pasa aquí es que el uso de símbolos (jesus, la cruz, y el concepto mismo) ya no aportan mucho al medio publicitario porque suenan a primera idea, y más para esta bola de weyes que se sienten bien salsas porque están atrás de su pc comiendo snickers. Échale mas ganas al retoque y trata de abordar los briefs de una manera un poco menos obvial. Saludos tripa.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Yikk...who hid all the subtly ??

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First of all, the art direction and the creative direction suck!
Second, an Ad that use a religious symbols for commercial purpose is a very risky Ad
Third, the copy is soooo not true!

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Honest Dave
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Hey I just noticed this, the copy says WHERE MEN BECOME GODS. But if this for ESPN Classic (and I don't really know how much gymnastics they show if any) shouldn't it be WHERE MEN BECAME GODS?
And that's if this ad didn't suck. Which it does.

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touchy subject you're pressing here..

Stop Mediocrity. Start Creativity.
There are two kinds of people in the world; people who like mustangs (cool people) and people who like camaros (idiots).

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Nice, nice, nice, very good.

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sensitive topic, bad ad.'s picture
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25 comments in a few days...... this ad is actually stopping people, think about that,
to me it shows balls.

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Tommy G.
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Not the best idea I've seen, but advertising should always be partially shocking

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sensitive issue

but i think this ad solves the purpose, it grabs the attention of people


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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should refrain

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It's too "studenty" and won't help you land a job in advertising. (Sorry for using this nearly useless term)

It's good to be edgy and provocative but think about the kind of brand espn wants to build. Showing an understanding of that brand and making great work that supports it will win you awards and get you jobs.