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sorry but it reminds me of an not so old sergio tacchini ad with sportsmen playing on animals...

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agreed. retouching is poorly done. don't think they will get more assignment placing this ad. a total suicide.

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If the company is trying to show that their photoshop skills are at best mediocre then these ads are a triumph. Next time, don't leave the self-advertising to the intern.

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everything's been said about the retouching.
but i like the idea.

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Maybe their retouching services are for my aunt Sylvia, who just bought her first digital camera. I tried to find out through their website, but guess what! There is no website

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the concept is fisrt idea-ish. the retouch skill is not pro. different league from this ad...

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i just saw the ad you were refering to. and guess what? they aren't half as amusing as these. not this particular one, but the zebra one is funny, if you will. ok, so the art is rather weak here but the idea is good. wouldn't you say so?

instinctive tra...
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Yes, yes... It's all about YOU, isn't it.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Cant agree more, the retouching is horible... How can a fat person sell sliming pill? lol.. joking

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