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am i the only one confused here?

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Why would the pizza bloke be doing it for free, I am asuming that the had is that of the delivery guy. Doesnt make much sense to me this. Maybe I'm having a slow monday

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DP : Good afternoon Domino's Pizza...
Me : Hi i'm Joseph...i would like to order for 12 pizza
DP : Alright sir 12 pizza will coming....where u stay?
Me : T.S Tower fl 30th....for u'r info we got trouble with our lift...
DP : ???? ok sir (click)
Me : Hehehehe

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the base line says 'Express delivery. In 30 minutes or free'. Does that put things in perspective?

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It's just branding, reminding people about the Dominos 30 minute deal. I agree it would have helped to show somehow that the guy looking at the note is a delivery guy.

Pat Flannery
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Spec work belongs in the forum. I say nice though, execution is completely conveluted. And if you want me to attack how juvenile the execution is, I will.

a) Why is the typeface distressed? Over-done.
b) When have you ever seen the Domino's logo with a white entrapment? Never.
c) Joseph 30th floor, T.S. Tower.? No last name? No apartment number? Aside from the fact that this is contrived, it's not logical or realistic.
d) Who put the "Out Of Order" signs up? When I first saw this I thought "This delivery guy is going to run up the stairs to be on time, not late. I agree this wouldn't be an issue in TV.

Good start, but if you send your work to competent people, they'll see right through it.

Idea - B+
Execution - D-

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Decent Idea, very poorly executed. Branding is quite poor. the tagline "things people do for a free pizza" suggests joseph has put the two lifts out of order? there are way more cunning/ witty ideas that could have been executed here. And the whole concept of the speedy delivery is lost.

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