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deshu hs n idea
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why does it say city addicts.

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because you would drive like in the city even if you're in the nature.
that's why there's this parking (like parking in the city) or feeeding the parrots (like feeding the ducks or pigeons or swnas or whatever you have in your park).

I don't like them. if you're talking to city addicts than talk to them in the city language, not show them something they're not interested in (like going to the nature).

artdirectoredwardbutstudiovisualizer's picture
Activity Score 136

M o r o n

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Activity Score 11

I like it, it's pretty cool...

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i don't

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Okay - for starters the car isn't even behind the elephant, it's to the left - that clouds the idea for me. Second of all, I'm sick of vehicle ads that show drivers in the wilderness, as that's never where I'll be taking the car anyway.

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whats so cool about this ad..?

| everartz |

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Maybe this would work better in film. It's hard to tell he's parking.

It's nearly good though.

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these are cool, nice work

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The photography is well donde but the concept is not that clear to me. It took me a while to get it.

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Activity Score 1935

fine retouching!