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January 2009

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Mexico for El Universal, within the category: Media.


Advertising Agency: BBDO Mexico
Executive Creative Director: Héctor Fernandez
Creative Directors: Agustín Esteban, Carlos Oxte
Art Director: Alex Galván
Copywriter: Jose Luis Ruiz de Azua

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Enlighten me somebody? What's the message?



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i agree with YOU slip ,what is the point ?

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instead of buying the newspaper almost every day (and not getting the full picture of news)
you can subscribe and become better informed.

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We posted at exactly the same time. Almost.

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It doesn't come across very clearly.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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That's because neither the copy nor visual is helping one another to make a cohesive message.

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The point is, if you subscribe to this newspaper, then you get the full story everyday of the week. Not hard to get.
Nice job.

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i think that if you don't suscribe you'll never know who died. i think it's ok.

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it's a good campaign. (for those of us that "get it")

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The point is, if you subscribe to this newspaper, then you get the full story everyday of the week. Not hard to get.

Si esa es la idea, pues no me parece q cumple mucho.
Cada noticia plasmada ahí pasó sólo en un día. Si lo compraste ese día pues ya tienes no tienes que suscribirte.
No creen?

Es cierto que cada día puede complementarse más la noticia, pero entonces eso no comunica este anuncio.

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yo creo que si cumple. El mensaje está hecho metafórica y no literalmente. Creo que la idea es clara.

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nice idea.

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Clear message. Good work.

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Cómo que no le entienden!!!!!! Es buena pieza!!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Okay, how many of us (who have been in the business for AT LEAST the last 10 years) have seen this concept done over and over again especially for a newspaper/media client?

"Find out what you've been missing." "Get the full picture." "Without it, you're only seeing half the picture."

However you choose to say it, this type of message has long lost any significant meaning and impact, and the gimmick its novelty...

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Maybe they publish the mortuary announces only in the paper edition.
And not in the online edition.
Stupid guessing..but....

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got the whole picture! nicely done!

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This campaign implies that stories take a month to tell.
This is not true.
And yes the whole "get the whole picture" approach is feeling a bit lapompe

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no no no no no!!!!
no es una metafora es un periodico mal informado!!!!
Dame toda la noticia o me sentire estafado!!!

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pawan nimrani
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thik-thik hai

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So it means they tell u the same story for a whole month? Boring paper..

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It is very nice for Subscribing ad
In 18 days 971 Palestinians killed by Israel including 311 children & 100 women, 4281 injured

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This poster should be banned.

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"It works, it refers to the funeral of Juan Camilo Murillo, Secretary of State. It was a shocking news here in Mexico, because he died in a light aircraft crashed in the middle of the city. For several days were speculations of what happened that day, so i think the ad works..

They should have been explained it when they uploaded it; because of its cultural background"

"claaro que cumple! porque esa noticia se refiere al avionazo que sucedió en el D.F. donde murió el secretario de gobernación, Juan Camilo Murillo.. esa noticia no era para enterarse en un sólo día de todos los hechos... No es cualquier noticia, fue un hecho que sacudió al país de dudas. Si no le entienden, es porque está hecho para México."

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I think it works ok. The whole trick it´s at the "Subscribe" text: "Subscribe, that way you won´t miss anything, and you will be given a day by day developement of that special news.