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June 2010

Print advertisment created by Marcel, France for Editions Points, within the category: Professional Services.

Non-violence in peace and war.

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Chief Creative Officers: Frederic Temin, Anne De Maupeou
Art Directors: Romain Galli, Souen Le Van
Copywriters: Souen Le Van, Romain Galli
Art Buyer: Jean-Eric Le Coniac
Illustrator: Emily Forgot
Typographer: Emily Forgot
Advertiser's Supervisors: Emmanuelle Vial, Catherine Lauprêtre
Account Manager: Cecile Henderycks
Account Supervisor: Michel Kowalski

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this is cannes 2010? OMG. This is 1980 and done 1000times before!

Hiperion's picture
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Sandra Bullock won an Oscar.
This piece of shit won Cannes.

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Sandra Bullock = ?

jponino's picture
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i agree with you Hiperion,
this is bullshit, and at Cannes they give Lions to be sure to return the statues they've bought..
The real problem is that prove how much adv is in decline..

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It is amazing how much work (small details) they can put into an ad just to avoid thinking of something more creative. Absence of confidence or what??

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If you visit any theme park or county fair, you can find an artist that can paint your name in a decorative style, similar to this, for say $25. I used to think that was overpriced, but how much money do you think the ad agency put into this ad?

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y do awards of such big stature actually go to ads that are nothing more than piece of crap. Even locally here in India, when we have the yearly Abby Fest, the best ads (as per jury) are apparently the worst ones (as per the viewers).

Like sports events and Film awards...R these also FIXED???

Divya Chadha