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Right on target! This is exactly how I felt when studying Economics in high school. :)

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Yeah, me too Ivan. I hated economics.

This hits all the right buttons by 'highlighting' the benefit in a very funny way.

Such a cool, insightful campaign !

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dislike the type treatment of the super. why highlight something that is handwritten?

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It's the Reynolds campaign with more "blabla"

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this one is better than the previous, but overall the idea is weak. highlight only the good bits? isn't that the whole point of highlighters in the first place? what's unique here?

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Hey there,

To be honest I must agree that the idea is great. Cheap execution but still well done and so on, it made me smile, and I think from such a product ad - this is a rare commodity.

On the other hand I looked at something like 3 executions before realizing it was STABILO, who has done that. The point brought up at one of the other ads about building the category only I believe very valid.

Where this could get interesting is to go out and get to the schools. Make it local. Take a shot at the exact books that thousends of students are looking and and make sure the page number is there at the bottom. This way you make it close, you make it real.

In order to leverage this though you might want to put STABILO posters around in the school as well... maybe.. well I am not sure. Say hello to modern product placement - goodbye adless private sphere.

What do you think?


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be clear before be clever. yes, these are very witty executions but i don't exactly get the benefit of the product we are highlighting (no pun intended).

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nice and funny

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Done over a year ago.
Check out

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