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this is great! so simple!

only that truck doesnt look very eco-friendly to me....

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this is the idea students used for the one show competition last year. for hybrid cars. actually prefer the student work over these.

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lemme know if you can find a link to love to see um

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Yeah, I know the AD on the student work. He was picked up by W+K NY. Check him out at

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By the way, this was done even before Joel came up with it.

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by who?

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You can see the One Show Student Comp. work here:

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oh, cute

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ming the merciless
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Done for Toyota Prius also.

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Boony wants a beer
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And a very similar one for Poett air freshener by DDB Chile in D&AD 2004. Although the trees formed the spray from the can (cos it smells pine fresh or something) so I guess it's a bit different.

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thumbs up for the art direction~

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great idea (the student work).

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Before all of those it was done by Merc almost half a decade back.

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well...congrats to whoever came up with it.

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so it's clear that the guys from Rediffusion copied.
shame on them!

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This one's much better compared to the oneshow (Hybrid cars)

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the first was made by french people in 1999 for mercedes..

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I thought it rang a bell. Too bad.

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this execution has been done to death.Duh.

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Rediffusion DY&R, Mumbai, India
Oopps you did it again

But as the case, usually people (creative ass) dont expect much
from indian ad agencies... which are mostly filled with copycats
& shameless till core assholes.

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well creative ass like u say don't expect rotten servicing like u to actually log in n comment work which arses like u find too difficult to understand or sell. n my suggestion to u is that if u find indian agencies so below par why de f*** u still here. Pack a bag n f***off to whichever country can take u.

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make ur ID 006, it will be more apt according to indian context.
& keep ur mouth shut.... it stinks
creative choots

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Done for Glade room sprays as well.

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the most irritating ad. i have seen in recent times is that of an idiot going about in a trance with mouth open and a stupid grin after riding a Tata VISTA car. is Vista
meant only for morons? i am angry bec' it disrupts many interesting tv programs. will Tata pl. stop this torture of viewers?

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