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March 2009

Life's tough. But Eastpak's tougher.

Print advertisment created by Grey, Romania for Eastpak, within the category: Personal Accessories.

Safe inside; 30-years warranty.

Advertising Agency: Grey Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Claudiu Dobrita
Head of art: Bob Toma
Art Director: Vladimir Taroi
Copywriter: Dragos Raicu
Illustrator: Saddo

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50's picture
Activity Score 4

Don't understand. Where's the connection between life and an Eastpak bag. CRAP! (Happy?!)...

ivan's picture

Thanks! That's an acceptable comment. :)

My interpretation is that you can hide in the backpack. Wait.... that's probably not it. Any takers?

mark3r's picture
Activity Score 1949

I'd say the dog smelled drugs on the bag owner (in this case the reader since it is somehow in first person view) and the cops made him/you open the bag to search... pretty negative take I guess. Very strange Ad.

TRICKY's picture
Activity Score 3794

i dont see the "tougher" standing out ....... agree with Ivan it feels that the guy is hiding inside his backpack

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

Plastilina's picture
Activity Score 73

OK, let me see if I can help you:)
Look at the ad, and then only read what's in the ad, not the additional info which is like the advertising idea. I mean, the "life's tough" thing is clearly there if you want to see it. This is a 30-years guaranteed bag, that means it will outlast some of the tough things life (the urban one, especially) throws back at you. Which makes it pretty much the safest haven a young fellow can think of when chased by the graffiti police (hihi) or caught in a young lady's bedroom by her tattooed bad-ass-still-kicking father. See?
Ivan, you kinda got it in the first place, you should trust your senses:)
Cheers everyone.

PS @50, my friend, next time you say CRAP about anything, drop me a line to your portfolio. This used to be a serious arena, so let's keep it that way. Thank you.

Guest's picture

Actually this really is confusing. The visual appears to be saying that the bag is a good place to hide, not that the bag is tough.

And having an opinion on this site doesn't make you obligated to put up your work.

picktokyo's picture
Activity Score 1404

I understand your approach. There's an insight there. But IMHO, your explanation doesn't help me to understand this ad. The ad description of "Life's tough. But Eastpak's tougher." is the light, but it can't be found anywhere in the ads, therefore it is very hard to understand if you're only given the ads themselves. "Safe inside" is a preposition, but for who? what you store inside is not yourself, therefore it can't protect you (the dog will get you anyway - not a very compelling preposition for me) And furthermore, trying to defend your work is a good thing. but again, a good ad campaign should be able to defend itself. and I think somebody saying "crap" is alright if that's their honest expression, I mean we are not in a hospitality business, a lot of people had said crap to my ideas, and I do appreciate it. It is better than any bias-sugar-coating words.

Guest's picture

Agree w/picktokyo. Good comment.

Guest's picture

isn't this the same idea as the hard travel luggage that showed a visual of street violence from inside the case? You're safe in here idea? The only difference is the original was gritty realistic photography and this is so-so illustration. And the fact the whole idea works better for hard rather than soft luggage?

Plastilina's picture
Activity Score 73

For one last time:)
The line is "Safe inside. With 30 years warranty."
I am not defending it, just making sure this comes across as it should.

dieski's picture
Activity Score 4

don't listen to them plastillina, I like!! Thumbs up on execution, well done

picktokyo's picture
Activity Score 1404

I agree that this is a nice artsy-execution

tantrik_indian's picture
Activity Score 953

Here's my take on the ads - the product is a zip. The "person" is caught in situations with his zip open, which is why life is tough... The zip has a 30 year warranty. They promise that the 'family jewels' will be "safe inside".

Did I get it right? Ha ha ha.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

Guest's picture

Execution nice. Concept weak. Is that a SNIFFER dog? Can EASTPAK prevent the odor of high-grade White Widow cannabis from escaping? WTF?

izmild's picture
Activity Score 770

Good illustration but i'm not sure the concept works

Guest's picture

don't understand...