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Sven Gali
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ad graffiti-pretty 10th grade stuff

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Phil Lestino
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Can't help saying it would have been better without the durex

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too much muscle tension! geesh it makes sex seem crappy.

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=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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Dev Kumar
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Ooppppss...that's back-breaking.

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really !

I pity with the guy


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Nice one, another Durex ad..


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this is porn, not advertising. tasteless.

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I agree, but then again you are advertising a product used during intercourse one might say. I just feel that since this isn't the greatest idea or execution, a different approach could have been taken. I also enjoy to see the contrast in criticism. These comments are posted elsewhere:

"nice work, great concept!"
"awesome concept but.. why hobo... why?? I wish the typeface was a bit different.. :("
"hilariousssss work ahah"
"That is really clever!"
"lol awesome work!"
"muy bueno y con tipografía mucho mejor !"
"Absolutely amazed! Great work!"
"great idea!"

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very nice and interesting approach. but needs to be a bit more clear. it's only depicting right now. needs to be one step ahead.

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I think this idea could have grown, it stayed too basic, nothing to think of, or twist on it. Phrases on the bodies seem to be irrelevant, maybe a very large close up would have left some more trick in these pieces

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just awful

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You lot really are a bunch of self righteous tossers. You either critic ads monosyllabically or with trite paragraphs that you hope will impress the rest of us with your omniscient knowledge of advertising. The fact is, you're all fools, pretending to know what your talking about; dissing an ad doesn't make you cool, it makes you irrelevant. I personally like these ads; are they award winning I don't know, but I challenge all of you to get an ad to run that has two people having sexual intercourse. These guys have done that in an amusing way that demonstrates product usage.

And to the plonker who doesn't know why anyone would want to wear a condom while having oral sex; prevents the transmission of sexual diseases such as aids and herpes (herpes can be transmitted orally to genitals). You lot really should try thinking before you type.

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Bang on the nail Pombooie. Happy to hear you say it. Much easier to slog off a good idea than to improve it.

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This is OK... What about the FILM ???