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Well. One thing I like about this is, that it manages to evoke the same feeling if they had shown someone actually spilling his guts. At least it does so with me. If it works? Don't know. Don't think it will make binge drinkers more responsible but maybe others more aware of the situation.

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these are nice visual approaches. like popdistortion mentioned, you've definitely captured images everyone can relate to. they feel like 1 ad done 4 different times, however. and i don't think you gain too much with the headlines. they feel more like informational copy. i wonder if the campaign might be better served with a tighter line before "drink less. think more."

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like it n thr is no problem with long headline, atleast market researcher says that

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the execution is really nice

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The visuals are nicely done but the copy is terrible - a bit of a waste with this brief I reckon.

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I can relate to this campaign, The town is an absolute drinkfest party mecca,
If you haven't had a terrible hangover in Wakefield you
haven't been there.

I agree about the copy, it sucks.

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I like this execution best, the woman one doesn't really say it for me.

Fail Harder.

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I didn't understand it.

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Copy is average. 'Don't be a Drinkhead' is not needed or 'Think more, Drink Less' is not needed. one or the other but not both.