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this is good

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and I guess those kids went to the shop theirselves to buy a pen that looks exactly right that...?

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That's not a big problem for me. I mean, you can find random stuff in your house that looks like something else unintentionally. The problem I see with it is that the cap is clearly orange but the "smoke" is blue.

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Hey check your semiotics capywriter. Its fuck'd-up. It only goes to say, you dint get the ad.

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This is weak. Smoking will make my child draw blue clouds? No. That's not the point.

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you're missing the point i think, it's about kids emulating what parents do, it's definitely not about reading the image literally.

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Phew!!! Finally someone got the ad.

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i will give you a really sad, AND TRUE, story:
i had a friend (dead now), he was a cocaine adict.
he had a dougther, age 2 (some years ago).
she saw many times he preparing and sucking the cocaine.
some day i get the house of this friend and i see the daughter playing:
she take 10 coins and start to divide in 2 lines using her hand like a credit card (like cocaine users do), than she call me: "this is mine, this is yours", and star to roll some paper to use...
coin looks like cocaine?

you dont have children, have you?

this is the cause i defend: to make good ad you need to be close to the problem, the solution is there.

can i be wrong?
course!! that make the world so good to live.

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Excelent AD!!!!!, and i think the ad is't for parenths no for kinds!!!

i think that it's great advertising.

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nahhhhhh. cheap. boring. easy. etc.
i've seen MUCH better ideas with this same old concept.
example the one that reapeated the phrases in a childish handwriting.

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ummm... it's ok

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very childish

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why forcefully? u cant able to think simple...!
learn man learn.

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good but i think it'd be better if they just had a real cigarette lying there, and then a scrawl of some smoke, as above. this would still illustrate the crossover in an original way as intended, but eliminate the forcedness of modifying the cigarette.