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November 2009

Print advertisment created by Publicis, India for Dr Morepen, within the category: Health.

Adam Extra Long Condoms

Advertising Agency: Publicis India
National Creative Director: Emmanuel Upputuru
Creative Directors: Vivek Nayyar, Vinay Kumari
Art Director / Copywriter / Illustrator: Ashish Sadare

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R U serious
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Love the illustration...

Say my name, say my name...

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Phil Lestino
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It's exactly the same as for the other capaign put on this site today from...publicis least this lot aren;t farting in the water.........did publicis just employ an in house illustrator or is it the art directors nephew?????

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This campaign is absolutely awful. The guy might as well be a woman, and why he's smoking is beyond me.


update: ok, I just realized (I had to enlarge the images to see these tiny details which I missed on first viewing) that there's a LOT more going on in these ads than I initially thought. Aside from the "hidden" copulating, we also have here a frog looking at its small (?) penis (see the way it's holding the magnifier), and a yellow duck (see hearts above it head) looking into the water, and admiring the "extra long one". The "hand sign" meaning STOP (it's hurting me?); I didn't make much of that hand in the beginning.

In the "restaurant" ad, we've got (lower right hand corner) a mouse (see all those tiny hearts above its head) doing a cat doggy-style (the cat appears to be either in ecstasy or in pain). We've got another mouse taking pictures of what's going on under the table. That bottle cap has a red hand on it for a reason: red hand means STOP. Maybe the big guy is saying these two should stop; doing this in a restaurant is a no no. Then I was thinking what those footsteps, in the balloon tip above the carb, might mean: is she hitting the table with her feet?

In the "coconut tree" ad, the dog thinking of a step he can jump onto in order to reach (sniff) the butt of that goat

My initial reaction (that the campaign was awful) was a knee-jerk reaction. I was wrong. All these other little colorful details make this campaign funny and memorable.

I'd like to bump my original rating up to 8. If it wasn't for the slightly freakish humans, I would have given it 9.

ivan's picture

It takes courage to recognize your own mistake publicly. Well done!

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You are one of the few on this forum with constructive critique on almost every post. Sharing some useful insight other than the regular "nice" and "awesome" comments.


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Ha ha

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freaky, one good condom ad;)

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It´s so sad when somebody try to be risky and don´t get it...
Sorry I don´t like the concept and I don´t like ilustration

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Marlus Lau
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Awesome illustration! Interesting idea...but the execution is great!

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illustration works well. "extra long" thing will just helps its already customer though.

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Absolutly adorable ilustrations.

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my way i m
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Illustration is woooooow, Execution is interesting, well done dude:-)))))))

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I like the style of collage here, using various elementz for composing the illustration. Its neither crowded and nor wasted. The characters are quirky and adds to the product too. I like it. Interesting piece of work. Kudos.

Why be an Asteroid when One can be a Comet?

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karan raghav
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gr8 job...

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this ad campaign really made my day :) LOL ROFL LMAO QWERTY! Maaan, this is some funny stuff!

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The college jokes we used to crack, now i see them as ads!! Lol. But great illustration and detailing.

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nice execution and illustrations

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Extra long condoms for India? funny.... but gr8 work

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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Excellent work & illustration is very nice

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Illustration is woooooow, Execution is interesting, well done dude:-)))))))