Don't even think about it

October 2006

Don’t even think about it.
We’ve got a good thing going.
This is my education we’re talking about… my future… my life. If they start letting more students in, everything that’s great about MSVU could vanish into thin air. As it is, I’ll graduate from co-op next spring having made a bit of money and gained some actual work experience.

Advertising Agency: Extreme Group, Halifax, Canada
Creative Director: Shawn King
Associate Creative Director: Anthony Taaffe
Art Director / Illustrator: James Rothenburg
Copywriter: Sue Love
Post Production: Darren Hubley

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Made Of Ideas
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I don't know about these. It seems to me they're complaining that the school is flooding in more students and will cause the students (current and new applying) to not have as good of an education. It almost seems like a negative campaign.