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Jonny Lonestar's picture
Jonny Lonestar
Activity Score 282

what is that i cant see it

De Qasim's picture
De Qasim
Activity Score 61

very nice art work

natts's picture
Activity Score 112

i don´t get it :(

IgorHernandez's picture
Activity Score 10

No me gusta.

Spanky's picture
Activity Score 4899

doesn't make sense

MihaiColiban's picture
Activity Score 50

it's an image made of the animals which usually get scared by the dog, respectively the lion. e.g. cats and antelopes. they want to say that the sound is so good, that you can actually visualize their fear. sort of "every pixel does its job".
and there's where the broken bridge lies (from my point of view): the metaphor "the lion roar power is judged by the sum of the animals scared by it" it's quite far fetched and the visual is somehow confusing. indeed, if they made the dog from dogs, it would have been dull and not a metaphor anymore.
although the art direction is cool and it's made by a famous agency, I think the logic behind is not so... obvious. this doesn't mean that it can't get some lion in Cannes, of course :)
the more abstract you are, the chances get better.

Jet Lee's picture
Jet Lee
Activity Score 127

How could you tell what those little pieces were?
Have u seen the poster?
Can't work out what they are from here.

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

No, I didn't manage to get the experience of sound from the poster.

Bundy Agency's picture
Bundy Agency
Activity Score 597

this might just be me but it seems a little backwards.
shopuldnt we be seeing a cat looking scared and the image would be made up of a lot of little dogs barking

tantrik_indian's picture
Activity Score 953

Highly farfetched.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

Borde's picture
Activity Score 31

i couldn't tell either by looking at the ad!

to difficult to really spot the animals!... as a matter of fact i havent seen any clear one!

they all look like dolphins to me!