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I dont get it.

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It's a toy dog that people put in their back windows usually. Except it lost his head.

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Activity Score 8

I like the concept !! I dont like the image.

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It's a toy dog who you put in the front window and not in the back,
And the head of the dog is swinging up and down when in motion ..

So i guess the concept is that the car is so fast or it's accelrating so fast that the dog's
head fall off ..

I like ..
And beside.. It's the first ad from israel that i see in here .. Respect.

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I guess in that case we need to put all the explanation for the ad in the bodycopy :)

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these nodding dogs are known in many countries and don't need an explanation there.
i'm not sure about the head-off image though, gave me a rather bad associativity

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will ny one plz tell me wat is this ad all about..i dont get ..

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as a dog loving person, i despise the imagery. arent there more ways to communicate 0-100 in 6 secs? like that fabulous emailer from renault?

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Naresh Kumar
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really i confussed totally

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Wouldn't this illustrate that the car's shocks are terrible?
And no one needs to go 0-100 in 6 seconds.

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Volkwagen is ripping off their own ads now. There was a Volkswagen One Show winner that had a bobbing head dog with a neck brace. Much funnier, in my opinion.

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i think it's cool.
would have been much stronger though if it was shot, and not illustrated.
good idea though.

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Radoslav Minchev
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Freakin' cool, especially for Asian markets.

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It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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I believe VW did a commercial for the Golf/GTI about 10 or so years ago with two guys driving around with this dog in the window. I understand the ad as the new Golf/GTI is better and faster.

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do i get it right: the dog's head is torn off because the car accelerates so fast? must be exactly the other way round, i guess. the dog's head is pressed on its shoulders while the car speeds up and torn off by hitting the brake, not?

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nodding dogs are very popular in Asia, the heads consists of a heavier end, and a longer end with a small pin in the middle to counter balance the thing, it is easily pinned in, and out. Many love to put these nodding dogs in their cars. This ad works only if the detailing of the picture is done well enough. Very good ad IMO.

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Javi Ending
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Good idea, but the execution is not clear enough, maybe a body copy or the dog resembling a wobbly head because at first glance it looks like a real dog

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This ad was definitely not approved by the client. It's either scam or spec work, either it was created with the original Golf GTI ads in mind back in the late 90s, early 2000 where the same visual device was used - the bobble head dog - this is ad is made for people familiar with advertising and the Golf GTI campaign, not for your everyday consumer.