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I have this same concept in my book. Now I'll have to take it out.

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No, you don't.

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Another People
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yup, u should. If not others will say "done before", "copy", "done to death" on your work.

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yeah I do.

just kidding.

Arnold Santillan

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I sky dive, and there are sensors that automatically open your chute at 1500 feet. It seems like they should do a bit more research before executing. I do like the motorcycle one much better though...

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Either way it's an exaggeration.

Must be cool to sky dive!

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your so literal how can u make a big idea of you lock your head on a reality

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Radoslav Minchev
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I have few jumps and I'm pretty sure that's one possibility from many options ;)

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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Lol..I guess you need to take out of your book. I had taken out around 4-5 campaigns. :-(

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No you were first right?

They must take itout of their book.

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Yes, but mine's only spec. People may think I copied.

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i say leave it in. unless you're going to move to south africa.

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Another People
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every 1 r facing the same problem here, have an idea, but oledi done by few years back by some 1 else, the others ppl will said u r "copy" , "done b4" , " Done to death". how? no 1 knows ur idea is original come from u..

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Another People
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Others dont know you are the first....'s picture
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i like the idea , but i dont really like the picture.

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any one you'd recommend?

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haha, i like these ad, very imaginable, i seriously would like to see a funny TVC coming out with these ideas. but in compare i prefer this execution, even maybe they doesn't need to pull cord by their own in reality. perhaps the concept of "remind something seriously important when you're over-panic or over-tension" in a critic situation, that emotion for me i really like it.

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likd it. conveys th product benefit straight- Super sticky notes

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oh my god ... let´s put it on a spaceship! lame!

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Far far too fake looking.

Could've been shot with blurr like it's an action shot.

God we love to comment.

Hope it helps.

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Agreed, Lefty.
If they're going to suggest it... then actually do it.
Looks like that was shot over a 'Thomas the Tank Engine' set.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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the idea is good, but photoshop work could look more real

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...though the treatment of the landscape is nice with the radial blur (subtle vertigo).

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it's like straight from an entrance portfolio for school.

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No fixed abode
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I would take it out of your book anyway because if you walk into my office with an ad for super sticky post it notes I would super stick my foot in your ass.

(But then again if you walked into my office I would be more likely to minimise my internet animal porn and then redirect you to the creative director's office)

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don't these look strangely like the Zippo ads?

Hmm i wonder where you guys got the idea? i can imagine the brainstorming session..."well we don't have any ideas, lets go on ads of the world and find some ads where post-its might be helpful and then we'll rip them off, in fact we'll even use the same style of photography..."

Dudes give it up

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sucks bad art dir.