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boring. from where these inspiration draw.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Easy on them, try to go.
That loving feeling, lost you have...

-A Jedi master

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Pacific Blue
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I love this typo.
Anybody knows the name of it?

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It's for "upperground boutique" - try reading upwards.

I'm going to assume they sell funky clothes and such. I don't know if I like the lines so much, but I think the concept is nice and memorable.

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flush daniel toilet
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Flush it

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I don't really know weather the idea is good or not.. the lines definately are too short and not weird enough to make sure many people will get to read them upwards. And even if they do, theres no reward like a cool/funny/great thought in it

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Someone, please explain...

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it's a little convoluted. but the most sense i could make of it is that off the hook is a "upperground" boutique, as apposed to below ground. so their idea is to put sentences in reverse order so you have to read them from bottom to top. stupid idea really.

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Did not understand so I ignored them, but then I saw them again and it was nice to get the meaning. If that happens to regular potential consumers then it works, then is good.