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June 2009

Print advertisment created by Imagine, Netherlands for, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Should you have to hide the real you to be accepted?

Advertising Agency: imagine’, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art Director: Sander Jacobs
Copywriter: Sander Bergmeijer
Director: Mike van Diem
Photographer: Oscar Seijkens
Music: Massive Music

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ammm actually yeah this is true, but not any more for Gays and Dark skin as the vailed woman!!!

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"Should you have to hide the real you to be accepted?" isnt this a fucked up english?

| everartz |

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I was also feeling the same.


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Hi everartz,

Maybe you are right. It could have been shorter: "Should you hide the real you to be accepted." Think they got lost in translation

This campaign runs in Holland. You know the land of Amsterdam, the Sodom and Gomorra of Europe.

We have a long running (and heated) discussion over here whether a multi-cultural society is sustainable and how to balance equal treatment on a plethora of backgrounds. With diverse wants and needs. And multiple do's and don'ts.

So sometimes a concept can - or must be - simple and even cliché to do justice. You don’t want to exclude any ethnic group or other minority by complicating the message. The objective is broad awareness to handle these matters with care by every inhabitant. Including the people who arrived here instead of being born out of Dutch generations.

Humor could accidently do the opposite. It is walking on a knife’s edge. Not only for the creators but also for the client, the government, who has political responsibilities related to order & law. (Human rights and such.)

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agree with everartz.....

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why don't you guys stop involving religion. Sick

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why? all 3 of these are different... one is race, the other is sexual preference, the third is religion... 3 things that people discriminate against! as far as religion goes, you don't need to agree with someone's religion, but you should hate/mock/harm/etc. others for having different believes from yours...

as far as the copy goes, i agree... why is this a question... shouldn't it be a statement?

"You shouldn't have to hide your true identity to be accepted"

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If you're a Muslim woman, you shouldn't hide yourself in a *veil*, to be accepted. :D