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I hope your helmets are better than this ad.

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Pacific Blue
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I think art direction could be a little better (specially typo) but I like it, not bad at all.

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funny. and sad.

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Its ok, but why Bush???

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because he's the only one they can mock.

Arnold Santillan

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whoever made these forgot to wear their helmets.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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These only come across as a campaign with a cheap borrowed interest.
The whole Bush-mockery in ads is gettng old VERY fast.
There are lots of other ways to show the results of the "severe" cranium injury while keeping the humor.

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no, bush is timeless. very good. and nice art direction. more of this please. I wonder if george even knows how to ride a bike...
@ ruflanz: FBI and CIA are on their way :-)

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Oh look. Another Bush-is-an-evil-stupid-dictator-ad. Yawn. What happened to orginality? Must even bicycle helmets be taken as an opportunity to express one's leftist personal politics? Even worse, many who share the same political opinions will mistakenly think this is good advertising just because they despise the American President. Of course, if this ad is solely intended for a local audience in say Caracas, Tehran, Pyonyang or San Francisco I'm sure it would resonate quite well.

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Thank you!

Arnold Santillan

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i didn't know you had to be a leftist in order to dislike bush, other than that, i agree with you completely.

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well, bush in ads is an old story but on the other hand I think a lot of people (or TA if you like) will find this right on spot and therefore will identify with this old twist and therefore a positive connection with the brand will be made...

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Yes we get it, everyone hates bush. Lets move on please...

laserbreak is on point