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September 2008
Dia:logs Print Ad - logs  Flowers


Print advertisement created by Young&Hungry, Latvia for Dia:logs, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


To be blind means to be in complete darkness. All the time. To hear, feel and touch are the only links to the outside world. So for these people every letter written in Braille, every sound is an important and priceless window to the world.

Advertising Agency: Young&Hungry, Riga, Latvia
Creative Director / Art Director: Maris Upenieks
Copywriter: Reinis Varakalns
Illustrator: Gatis Mikans
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greetings to latvians

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Well, at least I learned that "to be blind is to be in complete darkness." I had no idea.

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i know, its kinda mind boggling, i woulda never thought.

Crisp One
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lol, and here's another great lesson! to be deaf, is to be in complete silence! :P

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nicely done

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Cool work. but theirs a lot of explaining. Still I think it's cool

the Pun-isher
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Nice Concept

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The concept and the execution are great... but the message is way off. Sound? What?

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Tought it was against gurka...

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Great job guys.

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