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March 2009

Print advertisment created by European school of design, Germany for DHL, within the category: Transport.

With DHL Maxitransport, you can send your heavy, bulky objects across Germany with maximum ease and convenience.

Advertising School: european school of design, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Director / Head of School: Ralph Thamm
Art Director / Photographer: Pavel Bondarenko

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These ads are the epitome of the phrases "student work" and "first thought."

-yeah I said it!

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Carlos Garcia
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First thought.
Must try harder next time.


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john ler
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Then I can now send my sofa with dhl...
So what ??

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I like them, if it was just one.

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if you want to search, theres a pet delivery ad in this site that is exactly the same.

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Hecho. Para cliente CorreosChile. Año 2006, Mackenna & Armstrong, Santiago, Chile.

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Good work students!!!!

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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These ads definitely look like a "first thought" situation...I mean, it gets the point across but it could have been conveyed in a much more creative way!

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the copy is too wordy.. should try and cut it down even further!!

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Keep going, do some more and you might get somewhere nicer

It's only advertising, nobody died.

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it works just fine. It gets the message across. Stop over analyzing and trying to be smart! Great work guys!

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"It work's just fine" is and industry term for a hack used by hacks that do hack work. Mediocrity will stifle any new students career. that is far worse than shitting on some one and the meanest thing to say to a new up and coming student, unless they're in account management or clients.