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this campaign was made by mexico too? same concept.
doesnt looks like. the one from 2005 was nice.
this one is too forced.
not that real city difficulties the past one showed.
thumbs down.

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Ney Frances
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the capaign you are saying is the street names one isn't it??? if so, i totally agree! the other one is much more homerun! and is based on insights!

no internets for the scamers!

is there life before death?

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FedEx has done umpteen ads of the same kind.

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This one is ok. For sure, Sedex did better ads.

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Why does DHL try so hard to become FedEx? Review the account please...

Trying to retire ad-man

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Killer Kowalski
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"Nothing stops us" - I really hope someone does!!!

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amit parekh
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not wrking yar..forced.