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I love the copy of this campaign. It's straight to the point and has a clear goal. The "nose heads" don't add much though.


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Has anyone seen the massive typo is the first line? Ha ha, line, pun intended.

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Yup, and I thought Cap is not encourage in ads, am I wrong?

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typo or blunder, it is ???

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1. check spelling is completely wrong. is HELPS not HEPLS. who is the copywriter anyway, is he a trainee?
2. what is the purpose of the big nose? is the assassin using cocaine too? lack of coherence anyway.
3. the guy looks like Italian mafia, no like Colombian terrorist, and they don't cut the trees, terrorist place bombs, the mafia kills and sell the drugs, paramilitary and guerrilla cut the trees... but you know that of course...
you guys have great ads... what happens whit this campaign?

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While they do have spelling errors, because I believe it was done by Colombians and not Americans, the idea is probably too profound for most...

The nose means the ones USING the coke and their support to terrorist groups in Colombia (That's why the "terrorist" are dressed up, they are the ones partying.) Every time they snort some white power they ARE kidnapping, killing, destroying people form a country they probably don't even know it exist.

It's SHARE RESPONSIBILITY, your actions have consequences, even if you are not aware if them.

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whenever u snort coke, u r snorting in a terrorist's face? What's goin on - Mother, mother, there's much to many of us dying...oh brother, brother... - Marvin Gaye

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I think Im good...
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how bout someone snorting green cocaine - or a mini rainforest - much better i think.

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exactly, better ad completely.

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good copy

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Nobody else finds it a little weird that this "terrorist" is cutting wood wearing a designer winter coat and perfectly styled hair in Columbia's 75 degrees Fahrenheit weather? Maybe this ad agency hired guerrillas to kidnap someone from a Calvin Klein shoot in order to lower their budget.

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Um, I believe the "terrorist" is meant to represent the target audience - spoiled rich kids who snort crack and presumably don't know they're supporting terrorists.

Not that I think this is a good ad. Or even a good idea.

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That's a good point, I hadn't considered that.

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We have people kidnapped form almost 12 years ago. Is not really funny pal.

If you have comments about the campaign, really great to read it. But take in account how many lives my country have sacrificed in decades of our war against drugs.

And every one wearing fancy clothes while they use cocaine is, in some way, responsible of the ecological, social and economical consequences here. That's the message behind the campaign (at least for me).

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sorry, but Colombia is not the biggest producer of cocaine anymore.
the first producer, unfortunally, is Brazil.
and they dont cut trees to produce cocaine, is the opposite, they need the large trees to hide their farm of cocaine from the police helicopters...
and once again: poor copy!!
seems like a english teacher talking about traffic.
very very very bad.

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Is not motive of pride for us, less if you take in consideration all the consequences of the drugs' problem for our countries, but according with the last World Drug Report 2009 from (the United Nations Office on Drug and Crimes) my beloved country Colombia produces the 50% of the cocaine in the world (but with a reduction of 28% in two years).

I don't know how is in Brazil, but the producers cut a lot of trees and virgin jungle here, they need the lands to plant. And a lot of damage is also produced with the chemicals.

I made a work for college with people who worked on illegal products and now are trying to recover their lands from the damage. Maybe in other places is different.

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this work lacks depth. the creatives lacks insight. bullshit