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January 2008

Print advertisment created by Grey, Israel for DeLonghi, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Tel Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Yonatan Stirin
Creative Director: Tal Riven
Art Director / Illustrator: Tali Dayan
Copywriter: Uri Marek
Photographer: Baruch Natach

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daniel_glezmilan's picture
Activity Score 284

Wich university?
this is craaaaaap.

ivan's picture

Please be more elaborate and less vulgar.

ChuckNorris's picture
Activity Score 834

Are you really American?

I ask because your English is rubbish.

picktokyo's picture
Activity Score 1404

hey chuck i thought you re american!

picktokyo's picture
Activity Score 1404


mekho's picture
Activity Score 47

The t-shirt before is bigger than after. Makes no sense

miko1aj's picture
Activity Score 3086

read the comment of taliday, and think upon this.

AD1014's picture
Activity Score 307

irons make shirts smooth! wow, that's an amazing iron. this should be an ad for the World Ironers Association - and that's about it. F minus.

pierrelastname's picture
Activity Score 2869

is a university work !!! and done thousands times... Better check before uploaded ah?

the Pun-isher's picture
the Pun-isher
Activity Score 228

Seeing as we're picking this work to pieces(shame on us)
Isn't ironing suppose to not crease my clothes??????
But that said The idea works for me, except for this flaw

taliday's picture
Activity Score 8

Here in Israel, we read from right to left...Will take into consideration switching the order.

STRTLRS's picture
Activity Score 1601

Unfortunately this is one of those "before and after" campaigns and I don't believe time goes backwards in Jerusalem. Sorry, it's bad.

I think, therefore... yeah.

maladoc's picture
Activity Score 2

The purpose of this ad is as clear as daylight - I got it immediately: isn't that the point of an ad?! Many art directors are too consumed by the desire to flaunt their artistic skills. In this ad the main objective is getting the message across and it succeeded brilliantly!! Congrats!!!

Neyo Pumpin's picture
Neyo Pumpin

i wonder why you guys are consumed with the artistry of an ad, instead of the message! the ad simply talks about perception!or why do humans iron their stuff?