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April 2009

Print advertisment created by Rafineri, Turkey for Dekalo, within the category: Gaming.

They must be real.

Advertising Agency: Rafineri, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Ayse Bali, Murat Cetinturk
Copywriter: Ilker Zaharya
Photographer: Nejat Talas

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how did the lady get to shop in that tiny car?

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I'm not bothered by the idea. I feel what really holds the ad back for me is the font and image manipulation. Could 30 minutes at least not be spent on studying shadow references to at least make it a bit more believable? For instance, I think that there are at least three different light sources on the castle one.

I'm not one for outsourcing every project to a digital imager, but if the art director cannot produce then it would have probably been better to give this to a CGI/photography studio.

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Concuerdo contigo. Las ideas me parecen frescas y simpáticas pero la dirección de arte está en nivel boceto. No como para publicarse, a excepcion del primero.

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for some reason i think this particular scenario in the series takes it just a little too far, as opposed to the other scenes where the cars are sitting there just being model cars, and the exaggeration is all in the people's expression. it could be just preference though.

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IMHO, the only visual element that matters is the car and the tow truck.

I think; therefore I am

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how did the lady get to shop in that tiny car?

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Or a coiffeur lady collects model cars?