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Adjustments or whiplash?

What if the visual was something like a long line at a chiroprators office people holding their necks some leaving with whiplash collars on. Or for the siesmologist ad just the printout of a siesmograph readout with a spike in one area? etc, etc.

best 10 seconds of thinking...anyway, maybe it just looks cool in my head :)

Just seems like this is rich for some great concepts.

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1000 Pound Man

Although I'm not opposed to headline driven work with a product shot - after all a brand shouldn't be afraid of delcaring something - I do feel that when you put a brand into words it's got to have a perspective, an opintion. These really, really, really feel like headlines. Advertising headlines.

Triumph as a brand is in a deliicious revival. And I don't feel either a capturing of their heritage, and evolution of that heritage, or a prognastication on the future made credible byu that hertitage. The art direction doesn't take cues from that heritage or from the product itself (a mojor benefit to triumph bikes in particular).

NOW before I get jumped on for saying all that (because it sound like an advocacy for that nostalgic or transitional work we see for brand luanches every fucking day) - I am all for doing the NOT proper thing for the brand because the need to be heard or be fresh supercedes any need to provide a brand platform. But does this work really go into that new place?

I guess to make a proper judgment of the work we'd have to see everything else that was in the marketing mix - of which this is a slice. No one ad can be everything - but it can certiantly be one part of a greater whole.

My vote: flat work. Not sucky, and well made. But lacking strong strategy, or engaging voice. And, hate to say it, been sooooo done. Very comptitent but not very great on what should be a very grate brand.

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thanks. i totally agree.

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Pappa Trey

Wow. The guys writing these comments have a lot of free time on thier hands.

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instinctive tra...
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"Wow. The guys writing these comments have a lot of free time on thier hands."

A lot of free time on their hands and not a single dictionary.

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Ad Guy

A great opportunity wasted. Great client. Great product. Week concept and boring art direction.

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these ads reak of "we want cool but we're not giving you a dime" clients. If so awesome job!

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i think you're right.

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Markus Schuster

solid art direction

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emil lopez

love how this outdoor does what it needs to do. super simplicity

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Nice art direction. Boring...I don't agree with. Simple and effective, yes. It's a bike ad not a political stand. And to those who say "It's been done", guess what, it's all been done. This is a nice simplified evolution of an idea. Product.

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oh come on. i could have done this campaign in one day.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I'm a die hard harlety fan.
Words I'd assosiate with harley.
I think the copy rocks

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weak line

We're going to need more lube.

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I know i wouldn't buy a bike if the headline didn't speak to me in the exact right way that totally made my wang bust out of my pants and stab someone in the eye. Or maybe I would.

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah

We're going to need more lube.

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Deadly art diretion :)
Smart alec lines :(