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Eagle's picture

So lame.
They could have it so much better.

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thecharles's picture

Santas beard is real first of all

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aj's picture

the beard looks so fake

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Jozef's picture

Its a fake beard, what do you expect? Lame concept, even worse execution.


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squirrely's picture

So is this Santa having a rest in someones home that he visted? Or is it his place? If so I'd expect his home to be more North Pole-inspired.

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Sebastien's picture

what a wasted opportunity.

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pankajadsoftheworld's picture

agree wd squirrely,Guys, all the best! fr next year...

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Niz's picture

We're giving parents a break guys. Not Santa.
After all, he doesn't really exist.

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black boy's picture

can't believe u guys need an explanation for this ad.
its a sweet ad.

And by the way, aj & thecharles, just to remind you,
Santa isn't real, but just a character created by Coke, many years ago.

Its the parents who are taking a break here.

black boy
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