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November 2010

Print advertisment created by Danza, Brazil for Danza, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Hide and seek time
Not everything can attract your attention as a good ad. So, today is a day to remember that most of the abuses against children and teenagers happens inside their own homes. Don't let these crimes remain hidden. Dial 100 and report it. November, 19th Mundial Day for prevention of violence against children and teenagers.

Advertising Agency: Danza, Vitória, Brazil
Creative Director: Luiz Carlos Silva
Art Director: Alexandre Lima
Copywriter: Marcus Vinicius Paiva

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i love.. its wonderful

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Why do you .. love it?

Why.... is it wonderful?

In any language but bullsh*t. I'm f*cking done trawling through bullsh*t. If you're gonna have an opinion, HAVE a f*cking opinion. Or push pencils on an abacus elsewhere;

and that goes for all of you.

From all of us.

Which, research tells us, is me. And possibly everyone else. Or more*.

*But possibly less.

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hey relax dude

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What ya smokin' CP?

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I'd just come from a liquid meeting when I wrote that but to a greater or lesser extent I have to agree with myself for once. I really want to hang on to the last vestiges of AOTW as a forum for people in our industry. Maybe I come here unprepared one night, and find it's suddenly phase shifted into the YouTube comments box.

My apologies if I came across as rude or offended anyone. I'll 'manage expectations' at myself in future. But please, if you think pencils are the reason to come here, go away.

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Jeez, you really love to hear your own voice.

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I have to admit I enjoy 9 out of 10 CP-comments.

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He has a point. All this guy does is litter the comment sections with "I love". People do not want to waste their time reading useless comments like that. Especially people that are coming here to learn. They need insight on what makes this ad great or horrible.

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agree, fed up with "nice", "good ad", "love it" and "cool" "so called" opinions.
If you just like it, rate it.
If you want to add something besides that appreciation show thru rating, then please comment.
I'm not like an authority or something, but we would all be better without those kinds of opinions.

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I actually have to agree. I don't really dig it. It's not a very big leap. Call me a cynic, but this feels expected.

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Boring concept :)

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A repetition of a repetition of a repetition ...

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Nude Copy
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Actually I should agree that I am bored of seeing one word comments but still i feel that everybody has the right to express on any single term they feel like. After all I often need to read the comments of Curious Pencil twice to understand what he really means. May be its the difference between native language and acquired language. But still when i read his comments i wonder whether that kind of a language will have expectancy of communication. So the gist is: let them express in whatever words or language they wish

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I agree, if those people who want to express an opinion have English as a second language, and have difficulty expressing in English, then writing in the first language is 100% golden with me. I come here via the Internet, which has machine translation. I've had dialogue with Spanish speaking people here, and have zero problem with opinions in any language. If, on the other hand, people are token-scoring by saying they 'like' something, I have issue. Let people say what they want, but in a forum for communications professionals, it's more than a little odd to see monosyllabic utterances.

And for those people who have difficulty understanding my sentences, I love the sound of my own voice, what I have to say, and how I say it, using as many and more words than necessary. That's my take on language. The more people in our industry who know the word "sesquiepedalian", the better.

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If you don't want to read simple comments, other people don't want to read your's difficult comments, but that's not something that allows you to comment like you did on the top of the page, thats not your job here. And by way, if you try to translate my language (Serbian) you'll be confuzed 98% becouse of grammar... So, don't talk about things that you don't know for shure.

>>> Designed to be signed...

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The person in question is a troll. The single reason he is here is to fish traffic to his website. I reacted the way I did before I learned to ignore him. But I still stand behind what I said above; I don't 'have a job' here, and everyone here is as welcome to ignore me as you are, or contradict each other, as far as I'm aware.

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Lovely insight! but the head line could have been more catchy

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needs work .... develop the idea

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pitted prunes
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copy sounds weird.. sounds a little broken to me.

agree with sintra, should have developed the insight further.. an insight is not equivalent to an idea.

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Too melodramatic to me and possibly it is intended. Well, some may argue the such sensitive topic requires such loudness to push break and retain the message in the mind of the viewers. Donno why, i'm not comfortable.


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be cool

Just do it