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Hey Pup, you forgot to 'bow wow!'

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this doesnt work as much as the glasses piled up because the glasses piled up represents everyday boring scenario whether youre working in a crappy bar or had too much too drink because of a bad day at work.
This on the other hand shows something really nice, why would you want a holiday?

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statue of liberty works better

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Neither this nor the glasses work, the glasses would work if it was obvious you were the barmaid/waiter or whatever, but you could just be the customer, I preffered the carribbean cruise one, the dull office and the dreaming of being elsewhere is more insightful than the bar, it could be a nice bar, in which case I'd quite content, and if I had drank that many vodkas, I'd be dreaming of a kebab, not a meditterenean holiday, and the alaskan one looks like you could infact already be on a cruise ship eating ice cream. So that doesn't work.

'Say it right, then say it great' - Hey Whipple! Squeeze this!

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ADs idea from yesteryears! Just flip thru some old New York Festivals and you'll know what i mean.

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Hey Pup, you forgot to 'bow wow!'

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Unlike its other two siblings this one's a little out of place. whereas the others are all
about how you relate your dream holiday destination to petty things happening on a tea table or your
office desk, this one here, showing the softy set against a sky and sea and all, seems to be taking
one right there till alaska indeed! and then what remains??

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"Alaska" word is an icecream brand name. So it's nice work.