July 2009

Create Not Hate is a initiative set up to enable inspiring role models from creative industries to mentor young people, directly or indirectly affected by gun and knife crime.

Realise kids' potential at

Art Director: Tomek Nowak
Copywriters: Tytus Klepacz, Adam Marzec
Illustrator: Antek Serkowski

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Too me they don't convey a serious enough message. Can't work out with it's the actual message or the way it's been executed that's so unappealing. Dull. Wouldn't even look at them if I wasn't an ad geek!
Make it more visually stimulating and change the copy so that it reads well. It's like I'm being talked to by someone in a tweed suit. Sorry just my opinion

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gotta love the widow...

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I hate the placement of the last sentence. It feels awkward. Should have put it at the very beginning.

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Yes the widow is very nasty but that said it's a nice campaign.

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"luckily for us he wasn't shot at the age of 15"... so what?? you could have said anything! like "luckily for us, he didn't fall into the lion's cage when visiting de zoo at the age of 15"

this one doesn't really say anything relevant

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In the future, really pay attention to the way the copy lays out. The line breaks are very odd and make for a difficult read. Also, the first thing you read is "Norman 'Fatboy Slim' Cook" rather than reading it as part of a complete sentence. There is also punctuation that seems to be incorrect. For instance, why a comma after "age of 15"?

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in the future try to think that it could be used in newspapers as a small 'death notice' ad. look at the death notices. can you see genius layout there?

For the fame!