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Activity Score 66

ouch! a punch in my stomach.

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Activity Score 22

u guys are all drunk, this ad is terrible. bad execution, very bad photography. very very bad casting, very very very easy simple boring "idea"

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Activity Score 60

simple, powerful, very effective.


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Leonardo Pastacaldi
Activity Score 32

That hurts, so works.

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Activity Score 703

good ad.

a little photoshop on that unibrow would've been nice though.


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Activity Score 2592

haha, you're right, his unibrow looks terrible

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Activity Score 3647

The visual is forced, it could have been a lot nicer if it was more subtle. Like the kid eating ceral at a breakfast table or something...

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Activity Score 14

Thanks for your comment:) We did consider to put a child on a booster seat and make the ad subtle. But we're talking about a quarter page ad here. We decide to make it stand out instead. Also, the lady profile version is doubled as a small guerilla poster. It was placed on car windows of parked cars as if the lady is sitting in the car.

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Decent. Ha Ha that unibrow comment is funny. Spare the kid guys....

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this work works.
clap, clap, clap.