September 2007


In Portugal coffee with milk is Café com leite. We’ve played with the words changing leite for latte, (milk in Italian and the name of the product). Similar words that permits the public to read coffee with latte and at the same time understand that we are meaning coffee with milk. This works disruptively funny in Portugal.

Advertising Agency: Adore Ativism, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Director: Pedro Pires
Art Director: João Martins
Copywriter: Lúcio Abrunhosa
Illustrator: David Letras
Photographer: Heitor Estúdio Imagens
Post Production: Heitor Estúdio Imagens
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prozac_republic's picture

Por que os portugueses tomam leite no supermercado?
Porque na caixinha diz: Abrir aqui.

добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
The Prozac Republic®

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добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
The Prozac Republic®

bbqsaucerofllolyeah's picture

Por que os portugueses só tem chulé no pé esquerdo? Porque as mães deles diziam: "Lava esse pé direito meu filho."

fractalrene's picture

I don't get the 'disruptively funny' part. This ad is forced and outdated. Im not saying that visual metaphors are out, but they have evolve to be more subtle and elegant. The postproduction work looks good though.

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Guest's picture

boooooooooo... booo!

Guest's picture

why is it funny? i suppose because the machine inprint reminds of cow's udder :)

bright's picture

Coisa feia a inveja!

soulbearer's picture

Axo piada pk qd digo em voz alta fico logo com sotaque do Porto.........Café com

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Guest's picture

Udders, people. Uddddddddeeeeerrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

Lecter Lecaros's picture

done before

Lecter Lecaros
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carloscae's picture

Why "think milk, say latte" ??? I'm a portuguese speaking person and didn't get it.

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Mr. The Bear's picture

"We’ve played with the words changing leite for latte"
So you read latte and understand it as leite.....think milk, say latte

Mr. The Bear
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