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Tim Weasle
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What's a pirate doing in a cowboy bar?

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the mighty ham
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He's not a pirate. He's an extra from Interview with a Vampire.

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Hahaha nice one! Could work if it was a well-known masked villain or something, just so it could be easier to "get". But good, nonetheless! :D

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Malaysian Zorro...I say.

Claus Thaler's picture
Claus Thaler
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I´ve never seen a "Wanted"-Poster for vampires...?? And isn´t the protection in his face made by his mask? Sorry, but I won´t get it?!

cheok's picture
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haha, ingenius!

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Malaysia offers a reward in pesos for Zorro now Cap? Must say tho, I haven't seen to many African-Mexican cowboys in my day...

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It's Lestat the vampire, who took off the Zorro mask before entering a cowboy bar filled with truckers. Them truckers sure don't like Zorro wannabes.

OK, but seriously, the idea is fine, but the setting is plain absurd.

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No fixed abode
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So if he'd used the product on the rest of his face it wouldn't be all weathered and brown and would not have given him away as the highwayman in the poster? It's certainly a different take on sunscreen, if a little obscure. Agree it would have been better with a well known character.

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i'm a Malaysian and i myself don't really get it! ehehhe.. i agree though that it would hv been better with a more recognisable persona.

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Probably the tagline should say a kind of "Spread it where you need it"?

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I like the idea.

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It's sucks

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what better character than zorro... he bakes in the hot mexican sun. all the other masked super hero either comes out at night or fully cowled.