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Not sure about having the film titles on top, otherwise this is nice.

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First of all thanks you all guys and girls for positive comments.
Then... yes, we were students at the moment of the publication.
These were works done at the Accademia di Comunicazione Milano.
Anyway. I was interested to any comment out of the school.
That's it.

See you soon on these pages!



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I like the concept but why all the photoshop? Some of the movies didn't have the scenes up top.

8 Mile - Set in Detroit, Michigan
Independance Day - They had more sinister looking alien ships. Those look like "x-files" space ships
Meet Joe Black - They never stood in front a big building like that., I watch to many movies. Great ad though!

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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indIpendece day?

where is it from?

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nice scene

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I really like these. Although, you might want to do spell check. "Independence" is misspelled. And I would capitalize the other words. Your copy for your movie titles isn't the same all the way across. Like "Scent of a woman", should be "Scent of a Woman", with a capital "W". Same for the other movie titles. "King Kong" & "Meet Joe Black" are correct.

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i like it... nice idea, though it would be cooler if it were actual scenes from the movie.