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99% of the world will not like this AD.

(i couldnt help myself its too boring)

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... and I don't need to write a word
to know what 99% of the AotW are thinking right now! ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Dumb. Boring. Disappointing. Yaaawn.

Is it because its so retro?

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the visual is so boring - why should i read the body copy?

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The 1...

Advertising is Mass Communication... and not Class Communication. A lot of so called Creative ********
today haven taken the ardent responsiblity of converting Advertising as "CLASS COMMUNICATION"---
Creativity must play within the domains of Mass, and not above it. Advertising is all about

Moreover, This one is for THE LEGENDARY IVAN... Don't U think that perhaps It is unfair to pulverise an
idea without knowing the Socio-economic profile of a country and the Psycographic framework of the
masses therein.

Want to make very very clear that "Even I believe that this Ad is nothing extraordinary", But would work
OK here.

Thinking what to think

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Ues, it is unfair. Possibly adding the media would help to set the scene.

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Are you trying to say that because of India's socio-economic profile this campaign is ok?

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The 1...

Absolute not. All I am trying to say is, Its unfair to comment on advertising strategies without knowing the social frameworks in which it functions.

Thinking what to think

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It has very retro copy style, very 80's

It's only an ad.

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I just shoot through my head right now!!!!!!

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hahaha, another great work from O&M, clap clap.........

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jajajajjaja badddddddddd!!

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Why the extreme leading? Tighten that up!

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I love the color and photography - however, the copy seems to rely on extreme messaging and I feel it could be handled . . . better?

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There is a thin line between Arrogance and Confidence, I think they crossed into just pure elitist.

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