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Bundy Agency
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and i have trouble reading
should i get my eyes checked or is that copy a little hidden

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Click the image for a bigger size.

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What is this why is it creative??Its really lame and boring to me. maybe in india is good?

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It's an answer and a solution to a creative brief, Sunshine.
That's why.
Answers and solutions are things that CD's, like your good self, are generally hired to identify.
Not vacuous, dismissive, cynical, stagnant, useless opinion.

Come on, BBFMMF. Prove me and all your fans wrong. ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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LoL...ok...i dont have to prove YOU shit by the way. It answers the brief so thats why is going to be a brilliant ad? Thats the minimun expected.For me its crap.
Seems like you like every ad you see...and yes if a creative team showed me this ad ill tell them to think problem not yours.... seems like you dislike me bc i dont think as you do i dont care much really...
This blog is seen by lots of students world wide i guess and if they think this is a great ad we are in trouble dont you think "sunshine"... seems like you have to say everything is cool bc you lack of judgment values...and I dont take your opinion you dont take mine of course.

It doent have a good headline...nothing...its not a creative ad because it solves the brief dont be mediocre...LOL...

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Like the strapline "Not Everyone's Cup of Tea"

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I'm not even going to try and read that....someone in my office tried and i think he's permanently squint now!

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me thinks
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This ad may be good but not great and doesn’t deserve a place here.

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These ads bore me, but Rog and bigbadmadafaka's spat cheered me up enormously, and made me think, thanks guys.

It's only an ad.

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calm down gentlemen. maybe it's tea time (even 99% won't like it).

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There is one more day.. er night in my life

Good One....

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Thats just cruel.....

Cognito Ergo Sum