Bowling Night, 2

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August 2009

Print advertisment created by FP7, Oman for Conditions Apply, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: FP7 Oman
Creative Director / Art Director: Noufal Ali
Copywriter: Arun
Illustrator: Sanoop Ramachandran
Photographer: Ivan Mladenov
Other additional credits: Ajay Menon, Najeeb, Ragav & Solomon

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Activity Score 142


nothing bad can come of this... amirite?

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A stranger abroad
Activity Score 427

Ummmm.... perhaps it's a cryptic reference to Othello? They have sneaked the name of another Shakespeare play into the copy.

But the bit that really gets me is:

"The hole is large enough for the ball. Mind you it's not the ball you should thrust in first."

Perhaps this is a fun internal agency poster for a night out. But I am not sure why it is here.

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Congratulations to the two 13-year old boys who came up with this.

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Activity Score 3279

Bed emotion and sex sells composition. Good color contast

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i'd like to take up a collection to have alexander bickov removed from the planet.

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Activity Score 140

Sexy headlines and sexy execution. But the idea is very very basic.

Brief this work to 10 people. At least 9 of them will come up with this idea.

Grace Bastien's picture
Grace Bastien

Sorry... the other two were sexy. This one is just as the previous post suggests.... written by two 13 year old boys.
Not sexy, not funny. The art direction ruined by bad copy.

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Mr. Guest, where on earth do they hire 13 year old guys in agencies?

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Activity Score 252

Decent work if you could tolerate the typo. I've seen these kind of typos for years and years in scribble books of freshers who pass out of art school. I'm sure, thhe art director/ illustrator would also have one.

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davidogilvy online
Activity Score 8

Mr. Creativegodown, don't get into specifics. See the bigger picture. See the overall look & feel. The sum of parts is what is important in Advertising.

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the overall look and feel is terrible, mr ad-pro. people who like this campaign have no place in advertising

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The parts: offensiveness, stupidity, ineffectiveness.
The sum: stupidly offensive and ineffective
Overall look and feel: JIM CROW.

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I find this ad very racist and completely unacceptable.

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Jesus, I see Oman has just entered the 1980's then.

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Noufal, great to know that you finally managed to find a copywriter. Anyway, it is pointless until you put the partnership to good use. Cheers, Kaushik

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Activity Score 4069

a huge creative wasted just because someone couldn't resist temptation to make a sex remark.


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Wasted? Look deeper, it's full of male chauvinism!

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I am not a pretending creative person. And hence I like this creative. It talks to its audience (I assume, the ad crowd) rather well. Tongue-in-cheek low class humour fits well for this ad crowd, across the world.
And for all type-face critics. Have you morons ever thought of creating a type-face on your own, instaed of scrolling on your macs.


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Other than geographical issue (dont know whether administrator of country will accept such ads or not). it is a Good campaign.


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Ivan, this idiot is an old friend of mine. Pls post my comment for him to read.

Hey Noufal, good to know u finally joined hands with a copy guy. Would have been better if u did put it to good use. Cheers, Kaushik

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Yup, I was right...

I think; therefore I am