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April 2008

Print advertisment created by FCB, Chile for CONAC, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Smoking isn't just suicide. It's murder.

Advertising Agency: DRAFT FCB + IDB
Creative Director: Rodrigo Gómez
Art Director / Illustrator: Paulino Caffarena
Copywriter: Gustavo Hernandez

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joestamp's picture
Activity Score 130

hahaha - why did i just laugh? oops that was a bit inappropriate!

Inverted's picture
Activity Score 193

its too brutal! Why dont they get that brutal advertising give peeple who smoke a bad feeling... and the best way for a smoker to deal with bad emotions is by SMOKING! damit...

The art direction is a bit over the top in the expression... i think they could have gotten away with a milder face on the kids.

The bag of smoke is realy cool though

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7613

i disagree with you, coz these type of messages should be brutal and shocking to create the desired awareness, otherwise we will all call it lame ;)

| everartz |

rcantalice's picture
Activity Score 37

I agree with Everartz..... this kind of ad must be brutal or it dosn't work......

juliangray's picture
Activity Score 987

studies show that being brutal its not enough, you have to convey a rational message, teach, explain, enlight.

the think! road safety campaing was a success in therms of feedback.

Using heavy words like murder, death, pain, suffering, sickness is not enough.

copycomoelcopi's picture
Activity Score 822

nice illustration. a little bit exagerated message.

robottttrockkkk's picture
Activity Score 814

esta chevre la direccion de arte y la idea.

[ ]

JFDreamer's picture
Activity Score 176

Yeahp, nice illustration, but I don't think there's ever gonna be an effective "non-smoking" campaign. Smokers know smoking is bad and fucks up other people too.

Miss Candy Pop's picture
Miss Candy Pop
Activity Score 58

Really good work

Activity Score 1838

I really want to agree with everartz because he's right, but I can't help find these ridiculous somehow, they just make me laugh.

We're going to need more lube.

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
Activity Score 2005

I think its the kids expression that makes you laugh, looks like hes throwing a tantrum not suffocating.

I've wanted to do this in restaurants sometimes :]

Activity Score 1838

That is it exactly. I couldn't put my finger on it but that's it yeah.

We're going to need more lube.

creativewannabe's picture
Activity Score 81

My neighbor smokes like crazy in front of her young kids...but this ad is not going to make her stop!!!

fractalrene's picture
Activity Score 1504

Love the text, that's all I have to say.

pankajadsoftheworld's picture
Activity Score 433

very good thinking & more of than a very good excution

thats it's picture
thats it
Activity Score 12

bad execution!

Jetstream's picture
Activity Score 115

Nice, I don't agree with "thats it" the execution is maybe not gold, but is definitely not bad.

harrison bruce's picture
harrison bruce
Activity Score 112

A plastic bag over the head gives me the willies but I sat up and took notice. Message recieved.

angelbuer's picture
Activity Score 12

Enlighten me, since when are images of innocent children suffering appealing to the target audience. I understand if you looking to stimulate through shock images...but this shows a desperation for ideas and warped creativity that a is kind of last resort for intellectually honest advertisers out there.

The lasting 10 second image I will have from this is equating the Chilean Corporation Against Cancer with terrible images of killing babies. It portrays this organization as killers rather than one who is trying save children.

Remember reverse psychology only works on simple minds or to trick someone into doing something. You are never going to change anybody's mind by this cheap tactic. It is what it is and this particular topic is too important to be treated with such gruesome tactics. Shame on you...

greig's picture
Activity Score 22

simplemente su ejecucion esta mal lograda...