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April 2008

Print advertisment created by FCB, Chile for CONAC, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Smoking isn't just suicide. It's murder.

Advertising Agency: DRAFT FCB + IDB
Creative Director: Rodrigo Gómez
Art Director / Illustrator: Paulino Caffarena
Copywriter: Gustavo Hernandez

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that kid really shouldn't put plastic bags over his head, doesn't he know its dangerous?

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Activity Score 130

that kid really shouldn't put plastic bags over his head, doesn't he know its dangerous?

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hy dud its nice work

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Wow these are awesome. Clear, Fresh, and well executed. Good job guys!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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This is fantastic work. Wish I'd done it.

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360 grados
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WOW, very good art

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Nice instant get. Great idea.

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Nice work

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Dude, is the best nonsmoking campaign i`ve seen this year. Nicely done!

Digital Integration Director of McCann Santiago

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really like the visuals. they make your heart stop.

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I Like it.

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Enlighten me, since when are images of innocent children suffering appealing to the target audience. I understand if you looking to stimulate through shock images...but this shows a desperation for ideas and warped creativity that a is kind of last resort for intellectually honest advertisers out there.

The lasting 10 second image I will have from this is equating the Chilean Corporation Against Cancer with terrible images of killing babies. It portrays this organization as killers rather than one who is trying save children.

Remember reverse psychology only works on simple minds or to trick someone into doing something. You are never going to change anybody's mind by this cheap tactic. It is what it is and this particular topic is too important to be treated with such gruesome tactics. Shame on you...

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This is offensive to my intelligence. Way to completely throw rational thought and intellectual appeal out the window. Forget sharing facts about the tobacco industry and tobbacos effect on health. No, let`s just call smokers baby killers. Yeah, that`ll get them to quit. Don`t you see that these kind of ads just anger smokers. Do you really think there gonna go ``hey, you called me a child murderer. Yeah I guess i am.`` no, there gonna go, fuck you, I`m going to have a cigarette right now just to piss you off. Do any of the people here who think this ad is effective actually smoke. No. It is therefore ineffective. Nothing but sensationalist garabage.

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hey clever one, clearly doing ads showing the facts about tobacco has NEVER worked!!!! I think that these ads are very creative, because they are thinking out of the box!. Beside why do you care if it's offensive to your intelligence, YOU are clearly a smoker, no matter what they do YOU will be offended!!!

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What intelligence? This is one of the most creative yet simply executed designs I've seen. Great idea. Wish I'd come up with it.

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At Last!! a clever no smoke ad! preety shoking BTW..


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Brainchild Theories
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I agree that this won't make smokers quit, but I get it. If people only knew that kids can suffer from nicotine withdrawals being around a certain amount of second hand smoke and their oxygen levels are much lower than kids who aren't around smokers. Some of these smoking ads need to be more proactive than aggressive because smokers are just as aggressive but more stubborn. Be more responsible with the message is all I can say.

The imagery is amazing though.