Homer yellow

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April 2009

Print advertisment created by RT&A, Mexico for Comex, within the category: House, Garden.

We match any color.

Advertising Agency: RT&A/ R.Treviño & Asociados, Monterrey, México
Creative Directors: David Hurtado, Agueda Quiroga
Art Director: Jorge González
Copywriters: Tino Villarreal, Xele Martínez
Illustrator: Jorge González

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I'm gonna be an arse and say his stubble isnt yellow so why cant we see it?

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I'm gonna be an arse and say this concept/ idea is as old as the hills.

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By the way, I'm gonna be an arse and say you are jealous you didn't came up with this.

It's simple, smart, portable, global and creative.

Good work.

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Agreed. This is a good campaign – with legs.

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I really, really, really, really get tired of comments like "done before". Practically everything has been done before, somewhere and at sometime in the world. There's no way any amount of research will be able to determine if my concept was done in Brazil 10 years ago.

In fact I m getting so tired of the immense egos and inane comments that flourish on this site. If someone thinks they can do better, then produce an award winning ad that you did. Or don't comment at all. Trying to weed through these comments to find something useful is almost impossible.

It's only advertising!

This site has been re-vamped to look better. But it's the same bullsh*t comments from before.

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just write
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I did like this idea... but this one very bad...

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one question: did they license it from original authors?

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They don't need to, It's not a Hommer Simpson, well to us it is.
But for copyright purposes, it's not, just like water isn't Mineral water.
In other words, to be infrigment it needs to represent the whole character, not just resemble abstractly.

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Is a great example of how to sell colors, no paints